Day 192

Daily Bible Reading

(ESV: Through The Bible)

Psalms 4-6 (Listen)

Answer Me When I Call

To the choirmaster: with stringed instruments. A Psalm of David.

4:1 Answer me when I call, O God of my righteousness!
  You have given me relief when I was in distress.
  Be gracious to me and hear my prayer!

O men, [1] how long shall my honor be turned into shame?
  How long will you love vain words and seek after lies? Selah
But know that the Lord has set apart the godly for himself;
  the Lord hears when I call to him.

Be angry, [2] and do not sin;
  ponder in your own hearts on your beds, and be silent. Selah
Offer right sacrifices,
  and put your trust in the Lord.

There are many who say, “Who will show us some good?
  Lift up the light of your face upon us, O Lord!”
You have put more joy in my heart
  than they have when their grain and wine abound.

In peace I will both lie down and sleep;
  for you alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety.

Lead Me in Your Righteousness

To the choirmaster: for the flutes. A Psalm of David.

5:1 Give ear to my words, O Lord;
  consider my groaning.
Give attention to the sound of my cry,
  my King and my God,
  for to you do I pray.
O Lord, in the morning you hear my voice;
  in the morning I prepare a sacrifice for you [3] and watch.

For you are not a God who delights in wickedness;
  evil may not dwell with you.
The boastful shall not stand before your eyes;
  you hate all evildoers.
You destroy those who speak lies;
  the Lord abhors the bloodthirsty and deceitful man.

But I, through the abundance of your steadfast love,
  will enter your house.
I will bow down toward your holy temple
  in the fear of you.
Lead me, O Lord, in your righteousness
  because of my enemies;
  make your way straight before me.

For there is no truth in their mouth;
  their inmost self is destruction;
their throat is an open grave;
  they flatter with their tongue.
Make them bear their guilt, O God;
  let them fall by their own counsels;
because of the abundance of their transgressions cast them out,
  for they have rebelled against you.

But let all who take refuge in you rejoice;
  let them ever sing for joy,
and spread your protection over them,
  that those who love your name may exult in you.
For you bless the righteous, O Lord;
  you cover him with favor as with a shield.

O Lord, Deliver My Life

To the choirmaster: with stringed instruments; according to The Sheminith. [4] A Psalm of David.

6:1 O Lord, rebuke me not in your anger,
  nor discipline me in your wrath.
Be gracious to me, O Lord, for I am languishing;
  heal me, O Lord, for my bones are troubled.
My soul also is greatly troubled.
  But you, O Lord—how long?

Turn, O Lord, deliver my life;
  save me for the sake of your steadfast love.
For in death there is no remembrance of you;
  in Sheol who will give you praise?

I am weary with my moaning;
  every night I flood my bed with tears;
  I drench my couch with my weeping.
My eye wastes away because of grief;
  it grows weak because of all my foes.

Depart from me, all you workers of evil,
  for the Lord has heard the sound of my weeping.
The Lord has heard my plea;
  the Lord accepts my prayer.
All my enemies shall be ashamed and greatly troubled;
  they shall turn back and be put to shame in a moment.

Acts 16:16-40 (Listen)

Paul and Silas in Prison

As we were going to the place of prayer, we were met by a slave girl who had a spirit of divination and brought her owners much gain by fortune-telling. She followed Paul and us, crying out, “These men are servants [5] of the Most High God, who proclaim to you the way of salvation.” And this she kept doing for many days. Paul, having become greatly annoyed, turned and said to the spirit, “I command you in the name of Jesus Christ to come out of her.” And it came out that very hour.

But when her owners saw that their hope of gain was gone, they seized Paul and Silas and dragged them into the marketplace before the rulers. And when they had brought them to the magistrates, they said, “These men are Jews, and they are disturbing our city. They advocate customs that are not lawful for us as Romans to accept or practice.” The crowd joined in attacking them, and the magistrates tore the garments off them and gave orders to beat them with rods. And when they had inflicted many blows upon them, they threw them into prison, ordering the jailer to keep them safely. Having received this order, he put them into the inner prison and fastened their feet in the stocks.

The Philippian Jailer Converted

About midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God, and the prisoners were listening to them, and suddenly there was a great earthquake, so that the foundations of the prison were shaken. And immediately all the doors were opened, and everyone's bonds were unfastened. When the jailer woke and saw that the prison doors were open, he drew his sword and was about to kill himself, supposing that the prisoners had escaped. But Paul cried with a loud voice, “Do not harm yourself, for we are all here.” And the jailer [6] called for lights and rushed in, and trembling with fear he fell down before Paul and Silas. Then he brought them out and said, “Sirs, what must I do to be saved?” And they said, “Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved, you and your household.” And they spoke the word of the Lord to him and to all who were in his house. And he took them the same hour of the night and washed their wounds; and he was baptized at once, he and all his family. Then he brought them up into his house and set food before them. And he rejoiced along with his entire household that he had believed in God.

But when it was day, the magistrates sent the police, saying, “Let those men go.” And the jailer reported these words to Paul, saying, “The magistrates have sent to let you go. Therefore come out now and go in peace.” But Paul said to them, “They have beaten us publicly, uncondemned, men who are Roman citizens, and have thrown us into prison; and do they now throw us out secretly? No! Let them come themselves and take us out.” The police reported these words to the magistrates, and they were afraid when they heard that they were Roman citizens. So they came and apologized to them. And they took them out and asked them to leave the city. So they went out of the prison and visited Lydia. And when they had seen the brothers, they encouraged them and departed.


[1] 4:2 Or O men of rank
[2] 4:4 Or Be agitated
[3] 5:3 Or I direct my prayer to you
[4] 6:1 Probably a musical or liturgical term
[5] 16:17 Greek bondservants
[6] 16:29 Greek he



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